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A Cold World

He said its a cold world we live in,

but what is a hot, sunny day if there are no days filled with flakes of snow?

How much would you appreciate the warmth then?

He said love only makes you suffer,

but what is truly the ugliness in feeling heartbroken

and finding that same love you gave to someone in yourself again?

He said, darling, there are so many people out there to steal your light,

but isn’t it that without the sun it’s light,

the moon would be unseen as well?

Does it make the sun shine less?

He said that he is angry at the world,

but, darling,

what is anger when standing on a field full of blooming flowers

and all you are angry at is on the wilted ones?

And what is happiness when you’re living in such a Cold World,

and all you are grateful for is the warmth of it all?

- H.V.O.

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