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I’ve put together a selection of my most influential and raw pieces.


Sharing these poems feels like sharing my heart and soul, but with sharing I hope other people might find recognition, inspiration and togetherness.

To let you know you are not alone! 


Feel free to get in touch to learn more or to discuss any projects or collaborations you may want to send my way.

a granted wish for you,

that all sunshines may still linger in your spirit,

and that each cloud of despair,

will manifest in raindrups,

fertilizing your soil


oh, the inevitable is there, 

thus it only needs your

composure and fortitude


- H.V.O.

What it's like loving you... As healing as lavender, Dilly, Dilly, Lavender blue As ambrosial as rosemary, Merry, Merry, A candy-coated touch sweet as cherry As sundered stars composing one heavenly bodied sky, Up high, Up high, Soothing for the heart and eye As these bolbs of tulips growing patiently on my balcony, That I merged with a soil enriched by hands of my own, Home, Home, As flowers alone will not grow on their own As where moonlight caresses the sea, Watch and see, See, The flickered lights dancing on waves harmoniously As where Helios meets Selene when night meets day, Stay, Oh stay, When Selene rises, Helios won't be far away Short summer's spend in the winters of an other, Mary Mother, Mary Mother, As they were no more than shifty clouds of smoke, Stretching their arms to a misty smother As a sunburst through trees without any demure, So pure, So pure, Is how I find myself in your allure What it's like loving you.... Is to like being loved by me. -H.V.O.

"A Cold World" He said its a cold world we live in, but what is a hot, sunny day if there are no days filled with flakes of snow? How much would you appreciate the warmth then? He said love only makes you suffer, but what is truly the ugliness in feeling heartbroken, and finding that same love you gave to someone in yourself again? He said, darling, there are so many people out there to steal your light, but isn’t it that without the sun it’s light, the moon would be unseen as well? Does it make the sun shine less? He said that he is angry at the world, but, darling, what is anger when standing on a field full of blooming flowers, and all you are angry at is on the wilted ones? And what is happiness when you’re living in such a Cold World, and all you are grateful for is the warmth of it all? - H.V.O.

"And As She Arose" As she arose She left marks of her gloom Her soul that once stopped sparkling Like a blown out candle Leaving a mark of smoke in the room Where It has been an eternity She disguised herself in her armor Of only dark shades The wind that once felt like a burden Now is there to disarm her From her invisible yet solid shield That was painted with just black and grey That defined her entire being She added tints of light, her shield turnt it’s colors From darkness into the brightest of day So as she arose Her bright shield rose with her The same that once was so heavy Almost unable to carry That shield now made her even stronger as how she once were - H.V.O.

"The Clouds Will Still Be There To Be Danced On" You can't shine like the moon While you get blinded by the stars You can't yet dance high on the clouds While you still get burnt by the sun You can't fly up with the birds While you still need to learn how to walk on surface You can't yet dive through the rough waves of the sea While every time you end up back at the shore Healing takes time So for now Just enjoy the view of the stars until you get used to their bright light Enjoy dancing on the soil While spreading your arms sometimes Imagining to fly like these birds above As the clouds will still be there to be danced on And the shore will eventually be a place you remember as the one that brought you to the middle of the sea Where you will be able to move with her waves harmoniously. - H.V.O.

"OH, MOON LITTERED GIRL" Oh, Moon Littered Girl Praised by her flickering lights Dancing her way on rivers But under this reflected glory In dark water she hides Oh, Girl of Sunshine The girl you find At the end of a rainbow Craved for yet unseen While all she thinks she is Is colour blind Oh, as soft as moss she is Diligently As mercilis is the fertile soil How it must be Without this symbiosis And moss germaniting relentlessly Oh, twinkled eyed Woman She suddenly is now By one glance at the heavenly bodied skies The heavens of night revolving around her While she took the stars as her lifelong vow -H.V.O.

"Burnt lips of sweetness" I tried to have a taste of love when finding you. But your love only burnt my lips. I guess now, I knew somewhere that you would. Burn me. Like having my first morning coffee sip. Impatiently yarning for it. Thinking that would save me through the day. My lips were eager to just have this sweet savour of what all around me said it would taste like. "Sweet".... While your "sweetness" remained on my tastebuds, I started to think, sweet just might not be my flavour. Your aftertaste will always stay, because whenever I tried to taste another sweet kind of loving, the lingering of yours was in its way. But now I know, that sweet love comes in different shapes. After long enough, I got a taste from my own sugared honey, and it turnt out that bitterness can be misleading, by being sweet too. I hope, someday, I will stop burning my lips on my morning coffee. And I hope, someday, your bitter aftertaste will go away, for an other, yet undeceived sweet taste to stay. - H.V.O.

Internal Liberation I was always seeking for the one.... That one safe place I was always waiting for the one.... That one right moment I was always longing for the one.... That one true person I was always in search of Waiting on Urging for Everything outside of me And even if I was At the place I have been seeking for It wasn't the time And even if it was the time They weren't the one That I have been longing for I stayed While I turnt more frantic By waiting For everything outside of me Searching turnt into settling for less Desire turnt in to impatience Waiting turnt in to abstaining While time was hasting And my love for life still undisguised The clock my opponent By the rudeness of the hands of it Through a hasty life Filled with eternal privation The future already feeling as an Alienated history But then I looked closely To what I had to offer And I listened attentively To what I had to say And it turnt out that all this time The clocks hands were pointing me To my loneliness Where I hastily and yearningly waited for That one true Internal liberation - H.V.O.

She Wanted To Be Hold By Nature... She didn't want to just feel the grass, her bare feet kissing the surface, running with her yellow dress, the blades of green en yellow between her toes, her arms and fingers spread, then laying her body on the ground as it felt like time froze, as she didn't just want to just feel the grass, she wanted to become the soil instead, She didn't want to just hear the bird when it sings, she wanted to create their melody, be their muse, and she imagined having her own pair of wings, flying away with her yellow dress, her arms and wings spread, the sensation of this presence but still the nostalgia of her past... she didn't want to just hear the bird when it sings, she wanted to become one of them instead. She wanted to be hold by nature, and while she listened very closely, she heard, the sound of the wind whispering encouraging words, breathing in the air, she just couldn't help but stare to the calming current of the lake, the sunbeams trying to find their way through the trees, inner peace is what she wants to awake. She wanted to be hold by nature. - H.V.O.

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